Dan Dick is an ordained minister of The United Methodist Church serving in Extension Ministry as the Director of Connectional Ministries for the Wisconsin Annual Conference.  A nationally known speaker, teacher, and author of thirteen books on spirituality, stewardship, congregational development, research, and spiritual gifts discovery, and an advocate for a more loving, inclusive church for the 21st century and beyond, Dan worked for the General Board of Discipleship in Nashville, Tennessee for fourteen years in stewardship, congregational and conference planning, leadership development, and research.

Dan is an avid reader, with a deep passion for Biblical studies.  His doctoral work was in extra-canonical writings of the ante-nicene period, and his doctor of ministry work was in stewardship education.  He has a love of research and critical thinking, and he continues to study and analyze trends impacting The United Methodist Church.


Dan’s newest book is Bursting the Bubble (Abingdon Press, 2008).  Subtitled, Rethinking Conventional Wisdom about Church Leadership, the book invites critical thinking and serious reflection about many myths and misconceptions currently influencing Christian churches in the United States.  Bursting the Bubble is a hopeful and engaging call to rethink “church” and become the body of Christ for the world.

Dan and his wife Barbara live in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  Barbara is a freelance editor and voice-over artist.

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