Necessary Heresies

Quick show of hands. How many of you think the Christian church in the United States has lost credibility with a growing segment of our population? It is a rhetorical question. You would have to be blind, deaf, and oblivious not to notice that institutional religious orders have been in […]

Guns Aren’t the Problem

Gun defenders who believe that it is a human right to have access to any and all weapons of destruction and devastation with no accountability are the problem, and there are a lot of them. How many gun deaths are we going to be witness to before we realize that […]

Shame on Us

Shame – the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another. ( Us – we, the collective, those we include and accept, the opposite of them. (My own definitions) Racism is the most repressed and suppressed reality we have ever consistently […]


At the risk of being labeled “unAmerican” and “unpatriotic” I need to rant against the persistent, poisonous, and paternalistic messages – both explicit and subliminal – about US exceptionalism. Let me state up front: I am glad to be an American but wish I could be prouder in this age […]

Lying Liars Who Lie

What constitutes a lie? Okay, so it is not telling the truth. But how do we understand truth? Can something be true for you but not for me? Is there an absolute truth? (Go ahead, read millions of pages of philosophy from the past three millennia for the answer. I’ll […]

The Insidious Influence of Ignorance

Terry Pratchett, in his holiday classic Hogfather, states, “Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time.” We are living in a day where we encounter jaw-dropping incidents of apparent stupidity, misunderstanding, idiocy, and absurdity from people in incredible positions of power and influence. It is all too easy to dismiss these […]

Felicitous Fantods

Most of you know I am a word nerd, and I absolutely love tripping over an unknown word that absolutely nails a current condition. I have heard the word felicitous for years, but never was sure that I knew its real meaning. It means “well-suited for the occasion, as an […]

Where I’ve Been and What I Did

Many people have kindly asked why I haven’t been blogging for a while. It was a planned and intentional hiatus. About this time last year I got deeply concerned and a bit depressed by the tsunami of media negativity, both corporate and social. it seemed that the main purpose of […]

Dispel the Myth!

Let’s be clear up front: Christian Nationalism is a destructive, hateful, white myth.  It doesn’t exist because it cannot exist.  It is a fundamental and ethical contradiction in terms: if it is truly Christian, it cannot be nationalistic, if it is nationalistic, it is by definition unchristian.  And yet, it […]

The Anti- and the Pro-

I had some time to watch some of the Sunday morning political “talk shows” on a variety of networks and platforms today. After listening for just a few minutes, I began to keep score. Here is what I heard: Complaints against a person or party = 72 Insults of another […]