Books by Dan R. Dick

Equipped for Every Good WorkBack in Print









Bursting the Bubble: Rethinking Conventional Wisdom About Church Leadership (Abingdon Press, 2008.)

Vital Signs: A Pathway to Congregational Wholeness (Discipleship Resources, 2007.)

Beyond Money: Becoming Good and Faithful Stewards(Discipleship Resources, 2006.)

Leadership & Interaction Styles:  Understanding Why We Behave the Way We Do in Groups(Discipleship Resources, 2006.)

A New Kind of Church: A Systems Approach, co-authored with Evelyn Burry (Discipleship Resources, 2006.)

Equipped for Every Good Work: Building a Gifts-Based Church, co-authored with Barbara (Miller) Dick (Discipleship Resources, 2001.)

Quest: A Journey Toward a New Kind of Church, co-authored with Evelyn Burry (Discipleship Resources, 1999.)

FaithQuest Bible Study: A Journey Toward Congregational Transformation(Discipleship Resources, 1998.)

Revolutionizing Christian Stewardship for the 21st Century: Lessons from Copernicus(Discipleship Resources, 1997.)

Choices and Challenges: Stewardship Strategies for Youth (Discipleship Resources, 1994.)

Devotions for Dieters(Barbour and Company, 1989.)

Daily Praise from the Bible: Devotions on Psalms(Barbour and Company, 1988.)

Daily Wisdom from the Bible: Devotions from the Proverbs(Barbour and Company, 1986.)



19 replies

  1. Hi,

    I have been reading your book Vital Signs and really enjoying it. My corporate background inlcuded a focus on culture, vision, and leadership. It appears to be more difficult to change culture in a church setting than it does the corporate world.

    Does one of your other books specically address pastoral and lay leader leadership theories and competencies? I have written a book on leadership, and on the surface it appears there is little difference between effective church and corporate leadership. Except of course, discernment. But maybe one could agrue the best leaders are consulting God in the corporate world as well.

    I live in Green Bay, WI. Once you start with the WI conference, maybe can get get together. I have lots to ask you about. Hope to have the chance to meet you.

    • Dave, I look forward to meeting and talking with you. I think you are right on target about some of the core similarities between the corporate and church world. I have been working on a book on clergy/laity collaborative leadership theory, however, after Discipleship Resources accepted the proposal, they pulled the plug on it when they decided to exit the print resource industry — so it languishes unfinished on a shelf. But I will be glad to talk with you about it… and don’t be surprised if you see chapters pop up here on the blog from time to time.

  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Your “on-the-shelf” book is of great interest to me. I will follow up with you in July after you begin your new assignment.

  3. Hi Dan…I participated in a very brief but inspiring workshop on the Spiritual Gifts Inventory from “Equipped for Every Good Work.” I truly loved the small exposure I had to your work! My local church in is about to start a visioning/mission statement process. We have no idea what we are doing and the minister has hired a consultant to start us on the journey.We are a very small church in St. Louis. We are looking for a process or resources to take us fully and deeply through the visioning process. I’m talking up “Equipped for Every Good Work” but wondering if that is the best place to start. Would that process lead a congregation to understand or see it’s own vision. Do you have other processes or resources more specific to that? My sister is a United Methodist pastor in southern MO who is going through the “Healthy Church Initiatives” process. She encouraged us to head in that direction. She says a coach is willing to come to her church and lead a day long visioning process and that at the end they will have their vision! That sounds easy but I so enjoyed your deeper processess. What are your thoughts as to what might be most helpful to us? Mary Kunce

  4. May I have permission to reproduce Rev. Dick’s article “Fruit Loop’ Christians Hoard the Produce” for a my discussion group?

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