An Unlucky Parable

…excerpt from the recently discovered Gospel According to Bob (not a real gospel…) Chapter 6, vss. 1-41 One day, the disciples noted Jesus deep in prayer.  On occasion, Jesus would open his eyes, draw figures in the sand, then return to prayer.  His reflections lasted many minutes.  Finally, Simon (also […]

Invitation to Prayer

A church trial begins today.  Amy De Long, one of our pastors, performed a same-sex marriage and openly proclaimed her personal relationship with a female partner.  She did so in the context of a church that has not accepted either condition as “appropriate” of a United Methodist clergy-person.  And so we […]

I’m Back!

Hi, Friends!  I will begin posting anew from Epiphany forward, but I am just getting back on my feet from a severe bronchial infection that laid me flat for almost four weeks.  I am digging my way out of a mountain of backlogged work and am slowly getting my energy […]

Church Mess-a-phor

Thanks to bud Cathy Weigand for this video.  She sent it to me with the lyrics which I print below.  For me it is a brilliant metaphor for what a diverse, connectional system really looks like — discordant, messy, loud, kinetic, dynamic, frenetic, and always connected — each piece integral […]

A Christmas Wish

No, it’s not a generic wish for peace on earth, but a specific wish for those of us calling ourselves “Christian.”  I wish that we — collectively and individually –could provide an example to the whole world of mercy, justice, civility, kindness, grace, acceptance, love, and joy, so that people […]

The Cost of Community

For the last 48 hours life has been an out-of-control roller-coaster ride for my wife, our two cats, and me.  All our worldly possessions are currently somewhere between Nashville, Tennessee and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  We are sitting in our new (new to us, anyway) condo, preparing to launch/create a whole […]

Writing a Money Autobiography

 I get inquiries on a regular basis to reproduce the instructions I have given to writing a Money Autobiography.  I thought it would be easiest to do so here.  Hope you find this helpful.   This is part of the process of helping people in your congregation develop a healthier relationship […]

New on United Methodeviations

New month, new stuff.  Check out: Best Books review of Generation to Generation by Edwin Freidman Buzz highlights the film Lars and the Real Girl (you gotta see it…) and the books and TV series — The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Generosity is the Fruit of the Month in […]