The Outward and Visible Sign

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve posted a couple blogs — “An Ash Wednesday Reflection” and “The ‘Bob the Southwest Airlines Gate Attendant’ Personality Type Indicator” — that caused people to send me to this video.  If you want to spend the best 15 minutes of your day, check it out.  It shows the impact “Whoopies” can have on “Poopies,” what outward and visible signs of grace look like, and how simple acts of kindness can make the whole world a better place.  Enjoy!

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  1. So often, I hear people ask the church “Is that all you have to say?” We have more to say than stating the obvious, pointing out flaws, or enforcing the rules. We have so much more to do that just validate the heavenly parking of others – we are all called to speak the Word of healing and wholeness to all those around us! It makes me smile to think about this story’s wonderful depiction of one person’s ability to promote abundant life in others!

    • What I really love is the idea that, while we don’t have the power to change the world, we do have the power to change our attitudes — to make the world more pleasant for those around us, and to bear witness to a center of peace, grace, kindness, and joy that the world simply can’t destroy.

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