Wisconsin Bound! (Please Pass the Cheese)

It is official now so I can share it with all of you:  July 1 I will become the Director of Connectional Ministries (DCM) for the Wisconsin Annual Conference!  This is an exciting move in my ministry, and one that I believe is a good match for my gifts and experience.  My wife Barbara and I are absolutely ecstatic about this opportunity, and cannot wait to get started.

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  1. Welcome to our jurisdiction! Our church is in the Minnesota Annual Conference, but we are equally excited that you will be close at hand.

    • I am so happy, so proud, and so excited to be back in the NCJ. I hope our conferences can work closely in the future, and I look forward to strengthening the connection in any way I can.

  2. Welcome, Dan and Barbara, to the Wisconsin Area Conference! I am looking forward to collaborating with you! Blessings on your transition and move.

  3. Also, welcome to Wisconsin, Dan! We’ve had enough snow the past couple of winters to ENJOY!!! and we only had one week of the 25 below in January! 51 weeks to enjoy!!!
    I was at one of the workshops you did a few years ago and look forward to your coming to Wisconsin!

  4. I grew up in northern Wisconsin, and it is a beautiful state. My wife of 26 years is a native of North Carolina, and she said Colorado is as far “north” as we will ever live. I truly hope you enjoy Wisconsin.

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