Month: June 2012

Beyond Label or Category

I sat with a table of clergy and laity leaders talking about reaching “young people.”  In frustration, I asked them to define for me who these “young people” are and what they are like.  It became apparent that the “young people” we want to reach are a generic, bland hash […]

Cheapening the Church

Culture works on church like a cancer.  Popularity is the new standard of excellence.  Having a slogan or a sound bite or a brand is so much more important than being relevant or having integrity.  Our get-’em-in-the-doors-by-any-means mentality has done more to kill the church than almost anything else, but it […]

Farewell, Mr. Bradbury

I am getting over the news that Ray Bradbury died.  He lived a full and amazing 91 years, but even so, the news hits me hard.  I discovered Ray Bradbury when I was eleven years old – R is for Rocket was the book — and in the next few […]