An Unabashed Plug

InterpreterClergy and laity leadership across The United Methodist Church — attention.  When you receive the November/December Interpreter magazine, read it, study it, share it, preach it, teach it.  It focuses on The Advance — the United Methodist commitment to second mile giving projects that truly transform the world.  In the miasma of bishops sanctioning bishops and people complaining about everything the church doesn’t do or does wrong, we need a message of hope — and this is it.  You want to know what we do right?  Pay attention to the fantastic work we do through our apportionment giving and our Advance/Advance specials.  Leaders, listen up — we need to let people know that they can be proud of The United Methodist Church.  It is our responsibility to illuminate the power of our connectional church.  It is up to us to help people understand that our giving makes a HUGE difference.  Take time to explore the part of our story that all too often gets lost in our disunity and discord.  We’ve a story to tell to the nations!  Let’s start by making sure we know exactly what the story is!

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  1. As a United Methodist, I have found it disturbing to say the least, that in most recent times the “disunity” does get the press more often than the unity — we can’t hide our heads, keep our eyes and ears shut to all the various opinions and actions taken by the leadership of the church — I’m not sure how to change the bickering and more that goes beyond enough and becomes policy — has me rethinking my membership –however on one thing I believe I can stand united with the rest of United Methodists –the Advance and the apportioned giving –just seems like I know not how to make the ends meet and there be “extra” and when told to tithe and take it out first, that doesn’t always mean a roof over the head and medical bills paid.

    Maybe we should agree to look into the strong possibility the we are to worry about the moats in our eyes (lives) and not turn on our brothers and sisters for God creating them being a bit different from us, and turn our minds and hearts on how to educate ourselves and our children on stewardship that gets and/ or keeps us out of debt and how to broaden our horizon to include our local church as well as the world ADVANCE giving opportunities.

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