Make Us One, Lord

I used a hymn at this year’s annual conference that I wrote the words to about 20 years ago when I was charged with merging two congregations that didn’t really want to merge.  There was loads of competition and strife, so I wrote this song as a call for unity.  When our annual conference decided to hold conversations around our church and homosexuality, I pulled it out, dusted it off, and gave it its second public airing.  I don’t know what impact it had on unity, but I have received a number of requests asking where people can obtain a copy of the words, so I thought I would post it here.  This posting comes with permission to use it and reprint it, but with proper credit. (It is copyrighted.)  Even if you don’t care to use it, I offer it as a poetic devotion, calling us as Christian brothers and sisters to a deeper commitment to respect, civility, harmony, compassion and common courtesy in all of our dealings — with each other, and with all God sends our way.  Peace.

Make Us One, Lord

(to the tune of Holy Spirit, Truth Divine)

Make us one, Lord, make us one

Guide us by your love and grace

As we seek to do your will

Let your Spirit fill this space

Make us one, Lord, make us one

Let your peace and patience reign

Help us speak our thoughts in love

Without causing others pain

Make us one, Lord, make us one

Gentle, faithful, truthful, kind

By your presence help us guard

Every precious heart and mind

Make us one, Lord, make us one

Shift our focus to your will

Shape our future by your hand

Our true potential to fulfill.

Music: Adapt. from Orlando Gibbons, 1623

Words: Dan R. Dick, 1989

2 replies

  1. My new book “Wesley’s Wars” has more information that would be helpful on this topic of salvation possible for all bellievers, not just those of one denomination etc…

  2. The book “John Wesley, Natural Man, and the ‘Isms” covers soe interesting thoughts and proponents of religion. It discusses Wesley’s though about natural man, the Roman Catholics, Jews, Deists, mystics and Quakers – where their religion or point of view is incorrect in Wesley’s thought and whether or not they can be saved.

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